School Leaders Workshop - Change Management
Change Management

Presenter: Ms Mirimba Giam

Details: (Blended Learning, total of 4 half-days)

Dates / Mode:

31 Mar 21 / In Person

1 Apr 21 / Virtual

7 Apr 21 / Virtual

8 Apr 21 / In Person

Time: 2.00pm to 5.30pm

Venue for In-Person Workshop: Metropolitan YMCA (Stevens Road)

Size of workshop: A maximum of 30 participants

Fully funded by Ministry of Education for MOE School Leaders


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Workshop Description

In today’s environment, Singapore schools have accepted that change is a constant, and critical for long-term survival and growth. Many, however, desire to manage change better, with engaged teams and accelerated results.  This might be especially important to school leaders, who are in a profession to nurture the next generation for our society, and mentor passionate educationists’ whose careers are being disrupted constantly.

  • How do school leaders develop the strategies and processes that will bring about effective transformation and meaningful transition for their schools?
  • How can we motivate our Key Personnel, Teachers and Administrators to embrace change continuously?
  • How can we carefully balance delivering results while engaging our people, and pacing ourselves?


Facilitated by experienced change consultant, Mirimba Giam, the workshop will focus primarily on facilitating School Leaders in these new areas.

  • Review relevant global research on Change Management, and learn to lead in tension between soft aspects and hard side of KPIs for measurable results
  • Discover Singapore schools’ pragmatic approaches to Change Management
  • Learn to design the Change Management processes, framing it as transformation efforts that build on previous change initiatives
  • Hone persuasion methods to engage various stakeholders’ responses to change, especially middle managers
  • Overcome resistance and the lack of motivation to change, especially the going is good in school
  • Discover how to grow ‘agents of change’ among colleagues on the side-lines
  • Be a role model of a leader ready to face vulnerabilities while still energised in leading change


About Ms Mirimba Giam

Mirimba is a trusted consultant, teacher, facilitator and coach to thousands of leaders and hundreds of organizations. She brings a lot of heart when working with her clients, knowing how challenging change is when we are going through it, and how rewarding it is when we look back. She delights in staging her clients for continuous success which includes iterative practices coupled with challenging feedback. She believes confidence is built through regular accomplishment, abundant encouragement and focused feedback.
She works with clients to build capacity in areas of leadership and organization development and alignment, in training coaches, facilitators and teachers and in redesigning organizations’ structures and cultures to support mission, vision and KPIs, be ready for disruption and focused on the future.
With 16 years of consultancy practice locally and globally, and 10 years of leading change in Singapore’s public service, Mirimba hopes to bring relevant theories, practices and testimonies to stir hearts, challenge minds and prepare plans to create vibrant, hopeful and future-ready workplaces in this Leadership and Organization Development and Alignment (LODA) series with APS.