Members Benefits
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We work closely with our members to help them find a balance between the professional and personal demands of leadership to make their principalship more manageable, sustainable and enjoyable.

Members are entitled to attend the Academy's signature events like the Start of School Year and AGM free.


APS publishes Principia twice a year to inform members on various school's best practices and interviewing with the Principals. Members can access the resources online for the past and latest editions of the Principia. Members will also be given link to access and download the keynotes addresses organised by the Academy. 
Networking Session

APS offers tremendous networking session with leaders from various trades. Members can well associate and network with leaders from different trades, and once again prove to be invaluable to our members' leadership development and knowledge.



Tips for Health

S/N Title View
1 Stress Management
2 Keeping Your Voice Healthy
3 Voice Check


The Wellbeing Series

S/N Title View
1 Wellbeing : Preamble
2 Career Wellbeing
3 Social Wellbeing
4 Financial Wellbeing
5 Physical Wellbeing
6 Community Wellbeing
7 Wellbeing – An Epilogue


Connectivity and Happiness

S/N Title View
1 Could you be happier?
2 Your phone versus your heart