Our President Shares
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Dear colleagues and fellow practitioners,

Today we stand against a very dynamic scene in education that continually highlights not just good ideas and better ways of doing things, but also the need for good leaders to foster these ideas and build on them to enhance the unique identity of the school or the system they are leading.

We now have an established collection of practices that have levelled up our schools, raised the profile of school leaders and brought our nation to international recognition at least in the educational world.

Against such a perspective, it is the vision of the Academy of Principals in Leading The Future Now by focusing on three key areas:

  • Advancing Professional Knowledge and Development
  • Building Fraternity
  • Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility


We aim to achieve these objectives through developing more opportunities for international exchange and cooperation, enhancing the image and professionalism of our school leaders, and promoting conditions to improve work-life balance for our principals. At the same time, we actively seek colleagues who share the same commitment to school education; and I, as President, invite you as fellow principals and school leaders to continuously engage with us; work with us; and help us develop programmes that will align with the mission of the Academy.

Do explore our website and come back from time to time for updates on new happenings.

Shirleen Chee
President, APS