D.I. Asia Summit - Keynotes
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Keynote Synopses


Keynote 1

“Igniting a Passion for Learning”

Dr. Rich Allen

The students walking into our classrooms are radically different than those we taught 20, 10, even 5 years ago. Having grown up with Google, social media and computer games, their brains are hard-wired differently. They have shorter attention spans and a greater need to interact with the learning experience.  Many schools in Asia are addressing this issue by using more technology in the classroom. But, to draw these students in, and engage them with the learning process, we also need to use instructional strategies more closely aligned with their fast-paced, immersive digital world.  In this energetic, dynamic session you’ll both hear about and experience practical teaching techniques you can use to seize attention, increase engagement, and ultimately maximize learning for digital natives.

Keynote 2

“EMPOWER!  Cultivating Curious, Risk-taking Learners in Your Differentiated Classroom:  Mindsets Plus Skill Sets Equals Results”.

Kathleen Kryza

Empowering students is key to creating risk-taking learners who see the power in learning from their mistakes. If the goal for education in Singapore schools is to cultivate learners who are creative and curious, students need to develop mindsets and skill sets to meet that challenge.  In this session you will learn the current brain-research on how talent can be grown through effort and self-reflection, as well as dynamic and doable strategies for teaching students to develop their learning brain to become growth mindset, metacognitive learners.  All learners from gifted to special needs learners are impacted when we teach them that “Mindsets Plus Skill Sets Equal Results” that will transfer beyond school and into life.

Keynote 3

“Teach Like a PIRATE: Transform Your Classroom and Your Life as an Educator!”

Dave Burgess

Join New York Times Best-Selling author Dave Burgess for a high-energy, entertaining, and inspirational keynote that will transform the way you look at your role as an educator. Learn how to dramatically increase student engagement, design wildly creative lessons, and build a course that is a life-changing experience for your students.  Using magic, humor, and an outrageously intense presentational style, Dave has sparked a revolution in the educational world with this program.


Keynote 4

“Dare to Differentiate: 50 Terrific Teacher Tricks”

Dr. Danny Brassell

Reinvigorate your passion for teaching! Join Danny in this eye-opening session to learn 50 terrific tricks successful teachers have used to stimulate students’ interest in learning. You’ll learn how to incorporate standards without sacrificing fun. And, leave with new songs, games and activities you can immediately put to use in your classroom.